Welcome to the Anova Blog

Welcome to the Anova Consulting Group Blog! Here at Anova, we pride ourselves in our work helping companies understand why they are winning and losing business and how they can be more competitive in their respective marketplaces. Although our time is mostly spent working closely with our clients and focused on our research, we also have a lot of interesting thoughts that we would love to share with the rest of the world. Hence the birth of this blog.

Just recently, we put the finishing touches on the final 2015 calendar year programs for our clients. Given so much of our efforts are devoted to helping clients realize why they lost sales opportunities (what their biggest weaknesses are), it’s always nice to see when companies take our findings to heart. We were proud to see that of all our clients who had win / loss programs in both 2014 and 2015, 60% saw a decrease in their #1 cited weakness compared to the previous year! While we certainly don’t want to take all of the credit for these improvements, we love when our clients have success stories like we are seeing.

The idea of this blog however is not to just post about our clients’ successes (although there would certainly be a lot of content!), but to also share industry trends, business perspectives, and even current events, all with a twist relating back to the core principles of our work: gathering feedback, making strategic decisions, becoming more competitive, etc. There may even be the occasional movie or book review, but we promise to keep the topics captivating and insightful. Remember to check back in frequently, and if you are not familiar with us, take some time to poke around the website and meet the team.

We thank you and encourage any feedback or ideas you are interested in hearing our take on!

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