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Customer Success Leaders

Too often CX leaders are left to rely on singular metrics to understand the experience their customers are actually having. The challenge is that NPS and CSAT scores do not tell the whole picture of a client’s experience and do a poor job of predicting retention or customer churn. Web surveys can’t replace the value of in-depth qualitative interviews with the buyers of your solution.

Benefits of Partnering with Anova for Customer Success Leaders

  • Reliable data: Instead of data gathered through web surveys, which can provide misleading and incomplete data when filled out by distracted or time-sensitive respondents, the feedback from in-depth phone interviews with your prospects, clients, and churned clients is feedback you can confidently act on.
  • In-depth understanding of problem areas: The phone interviews allow Anova’s interviewers to probe and capture pages worth of feedback on ways your organization can better meet the needs of your client base. Often a single interview can provide more actionable feedback than 50 web surveys.
  • Retention likelihood: As part of the interviews, Anova interviewers are highly skilled at capturing how likely a customer is to continue partnering with your organization, and what factors may increase or decrease their retention probability.
  • Cross / upsell identification: In addition to solving client challenges, Anova’s interviews also identify accounts that are loyal and can be used for references, or are open to additional products offered by your business.
  • Team ratings: Understand how satisfied clients are with the CSMs, Implementation Managers, and other specialists who they interact with, and how your team can better meet your client’s needs.