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Marketing Leaders

Marketing leaders often find themselves and their team in a challenging position. Sitting in-between sales and product, they are also tasked with deeply understanding what is often a rapidly changing marketplace and helping to position their company in the most advantageous way possible. In order to navigate these challenges, the best marketers rely on Anova for Win / Loss Analysis.

Benefits of Partnering with Anova for Marketing Leaders

  • Market intelligence: Running a marketing organization means having your finger on the pulse of everything that is happening in your target market. Anova’s Win / Loss Research provides in-depth analyses of everything from your prospect’s business at the time of their evaluation of your company to what challenges they foresee affecting their business moving forward, giving you the intelligence you need to meet your buyers’ needs.
  • Competitive intelligence: Assess the competition and create battlecards with the insights gleaned from the Win / Loss interviews.
  • Brand awareness: Gain a better understanding of how prospects are learning about your company and if different channels have impacts on win rates.
  • Brand positioning: After prospects learn about your company, what are their initial impressions? What stands out to prospects after interacting with your company? Learn how to control and solidify the marketplace’s perceptions of your organization.
  • Prioritization of materials and initiatives for team success: By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your company through the eyes of your customers, you can create the action plans needed to address your areas for improvement.