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Research & Competitive Intelligence Leaders

Competitive intelligence and market insight departments have increased their prominence in growth-hungry organizations. Tasked with delivering accurate, actionable data and takeaways to the rest of the company, researchers need data sources they can trust, and that partner with them to set them up for success.

Benefits of Partnering with Anova for Research / CI Leaders

  • Partnership: You need help collecting, aggregating, and positioning actionable data to business partners within your organization. That means you need a partner who can help with all of those tasks, not just collecting data and leaving you to interpret for yourself. Anova’s full service approach to Win / Loss Analysis and Customer Churn Analysis means someone always has your back.
  • Accurate, actionable data: Win / Loss Analysis and Customer Churn Analysis can be a garbage-in-garbage-out exercise. If you don’t have a partner like Anova who provides best practices for prioritizing contacts and getting feedback from those contacts, you won’t have a data set worth analyzing.
  • Breadth of data: Very few data sources cover as many elements of your company. Anova’s Win / Loss interviews allow you to understand what your customers think of your sales, product offering, services, implementation, brand, price, value, competitive insights, and future challenges.
  • Battlecard creation: Clients love Anova’s Competitive Analysis and Keyword Search on Anova’s client dashboard, myView, and also rely on Anova’s Executive Insights presentations to identify areas of opportunity and vulnerabilities against your top competitors.