myView Client Dashboard

myView Client Dashboard

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myView Client Dashboard

myView is an innovative, client-facing portal that delivers real-time analytics, updates, and program management. The cloud-based platform allows Anova’s clients to track key statistics from their research programs and easily find and search through completed interview transcripts.

The system’s features include:

  • Highly secure, 24-hour password protected access to your research results
  • Real-time analytics that enable you to identify, track and chart emerging trends and perceptions
  • Extensive search capabilities that allow you to pull data and results based on your specific needs and curiosities
  • Access to completed interview transcripts and quantitative data on a 24/7 basis
  • Progress reports on the status of your research flight and its scheduled milestones and completion target dates that allow for on-going project management.

myView provides immediate insights on your research programs by putting actionable data and information in your hands as soon as it is available. Access to program results 24/7 will help clients run their win / loss programs more seamlessly and efficiently, resulting in more competitive sales capabilities and increased win rates.


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