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About Us

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Experts in Win Loss Analysis and Customer Satisfaction Research

Bringing A Consultative Approach to Strategic Intelligence Gathering

Insights held by prospects and clients only have value if you know how to access and use them. Anova Consulting Group specializes in obtaining and interpreting data and perspectives about the experiences your prospects and customers are having with your company and its representatives, both during and after the sales process.

Driven by a highly consultative approach, our win loss analysis and customer satisfaction research provide objective feedback to measure the effectiveness of your sales efforts and the quality and responsiveness of your service functions. Through our customized survey design process and seasoned team of executive interviewers, Anova extracts detailed insights from our client’s prospects and customers. However, we don’t just leave our research results on your doorstep. Our experienced team analyzes and distills the raw data into actionable findings to help your team make adjustments to win more business and keep more of the business you already have.


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Strategic intelligence that makes you more competitive.
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Insights held by prospects and clients only have value if you know how to access and use them.