About Us

About Us

win loss analysis consultants

The Win Loss Analysis and Customer Satisfaction Specialists

A Competitive Team that Can Make You More Competitive

When it comes to meeting your win loss analysis and customer satisfaction research needs, Anova Consulting Group brings a competitive team to the task of making you more competitive. We’re a responsive, high energy group focused completely on delivering excellent strategic intelligence that supports and inspires our clients to achieve their full potential.


Eileen Bevens – Senior Program Director
Arnold Boecklin – Senior Program Director, Financial Services
Tom Clough – Engagement Manager
Andrew M. Cloutier – Partner
Sarah S. DeFreitas – Engagement Manager
Patty Dew – Senior Program Director, Technology, Healthcare, and Financial Services
Brenna Foley – Research Analyst
Landon Fried – Research Analyst
R. Curtis Gilmore – Senior Program Director, Financial Services
Zachary Golden –  Engagement Manager
Eileen Govaert – Senior Program Director, Financial Services
Lisa Hession-Kunz – Senior Program Director, Technology, Healthcare and Financial Services
Heather B. Jenkins – Managing Partner
Jeannine S. Kulsick – Director, Employee Engagement 
Michelle J. Martin – Senior Research Analyst
Bob Palumbo – Senior Program Director, Technology
John Rooney – Senior Program Director, Financial Services and Technology
Deb Ryan – Senior Program Director, Financial Services
Jack Ryan – Consultant
Richard M. Schroder – Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Marci Taylor – Senior Program Director
Pamela H. Weissbourd – Engagement Manager
Jamie L. Zielinski – Director of Operations