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What Clients Say About our Win Loss Analysis and Customer Satisfaction Research

Strategic Intelligence that Supports Your Business Strategy

“Anova’s research makes me a better leader. We incorporate their research and insights into our decision making process and have tailored elements of our internal training based on the valuable feedback we received as a result of the work they do for us. The team at Anova doesn’t just hand us a book of results and walk away – they partner with us to ensure we have an understanding of the data, the context in which feedback is provided and then they consult with us on ways to improve. Anova’s research has become part of our sales and service culture and our team relies on them as part of our drive for continuous improvement.”
Patrick Murphy
John Hancock 

“Anova and Financial Engines have worked together for nine years, delivering the knowledge and insights that have helped shape our organization’s growth. Anova provides Financial Engines a 360 degree look at our company’s relationships, products, and services. We listen to and learn from many angles of our business, including prospects, clients, participants, and consultants. Financial Engines commits to delivering personalized guidance and recommendations for our customers, and Anova’s research is an instrumental part of our ability to deliver on these goals.”
Lawrence M. Raffone
President and CEO
Financial Engines

“Anova has been a great partner for Acadian in administering our recent client satisfaction survey.  The Anova team was very responsive to the needs of our business and made every effort to exceed our expectations, from the survey response rate to the actionable feedback they were able to generate from our client base.”
Douglas C. Coughlin
Senior Vice President & Director of North American Client Service
Acadian Asset Management LLC

“In the fragmented marketplace for medical practice management and EHR solutions, finding ways to make AdvancedMD stand out from the crowd is crucial to the company’s continued success.  The detailed prospect feedback and competitive intelligence we receive from Anova are tremendously valuable to our sales, marketing, and product development efforts.”
Jim Elliot
Vice President of Marketing

“Anova’s research makes me a better marketing leader. I have worked with Anova for the past 12 years during my time at two different companies, and have gained valuable insights from nearly 1,000 in-depth interviews. I have seen Anova’s research shape our competitive market positioning and prepare sales teams to be more effective in new sales situations. In addition, partnering with Anova to gather customer feedback provides us the confidence to innovate and push client engagements to new levels. Anova does more than just deliver research and data; they are committed to delivering insights that drive business growth”
Peter Kooken
Senior Director
Financial Engines

Anova is 100% focused on helping organizations compete more effectively. In an increasingly aggressive sales environment, Anova’s programs provide a critical pipeline of direct feedback from our key prospects, and advisors.  Their research and expertise give us the actionable data and insights we need to drive strategic decisions, differentiate John Hancock from the competition, and ultimately win more business.”
Arthur Creel
Executive Vice President
John Hancock 

“Anova’s services are vital to any organization that cares about continuous process improvement.  They allow us to make technology and service decisions using fact-based analysis.  But what I love best is the partnership; they never throw the information at us and walk away.  Anova works with us to really understand the data and to help formulate workable solutions that will make a real difference going forward.”
Jude Metcalfe

“We appreciated Anova’s customized, flexible approach to our client satisfaction study.  They listened to our needs and worked with us to design a survey focused on the attributes that are important to our business, and we were impressed that they were able to get meaningful feedback from such a broad cross-section of our investment management client base.”
Cory Martin
Managing Director, Portfolio Specialist Group
Barrow, Hanley, Mewhinney & Strauss

“What impresses me most about Anova is their understanding of our business.  Their team is very consultative and went the extra mile to learn about our company, service offering and client base.  We feel confident that they captured the real perceptions of our clients and prospects.  We use the insights derived from their research as part of our ongoing decision making and strategy.”
Paul Gamble
Vice President & National Sales Director
Financial Engines

“In a competitive marketplace, insights around strengths and weaknesses are critical to successful business development and sales efforts.  Working with Anova on Win Loss Analysis over the last several years has definitely contributed to our ability to be successful by enabling our organization to effectively address, formulate, and execute on improving what we do.”
Sean Cosgrove
Managing Director
Charles Schwab

“Anova’s Win Loss Program taught my salespeople to better understand the difference between ‘prospects and suspects’.  As head of sales for a 100+ person sales team, I have learned that the only way to improve an individual’s sales performance is to understand why you win and lose deals.  Once a salesperson learns this concept, their skills improve dramatically.”
Joe Giampalmi
Division Vice President

“Anova’s analysis provides us with metrics that allow us to make informed business decisions.  The fact based and thoughtful information they provide continually drives us to actionable items and helps us change for the better.  This type of research is critical to developing our services.”
Thayne Gould
Marketing Manager
T. Rowe Price

“We wanted a true assessment of what our key stakeholders thought about our company and its ability to deliver quality products and services.  With the help of Anova, we were not only able to obtain candid, unbiased, unfiltered information from our prospects, clients, and business partners, but Anova delivered actionable results that continue to help us win more business and increase client retention.”
Ron Cohen
Managing Director
DWS Retirement Services

“It’s been a pleasure working with Anova over the past few years for our client satisfaction survey.  They have an aptitude for interpreting data and helped us improve our service model based on the survey results.”
Robin Miller
Vice President
T. Rowe Price

“The Win Loss sales training that Rich provided at New York Life’s Retirement Advisory Council was insightful and delivered in an easy to comprehend format.  His ability to provide both a structure and process for developing a reliable Win Loss Program for financial advisors was very much appreciated by our guests.  Many advisors complimented the presentation and told me they were inspired to incorporate the program into their business practices.”
Mark Strazzeri
Managing Director
New York Life

“Our organization has gotten a lot of value from BlackRock’s Consensus client satisfaction tool.  We have experienced a great response rate, and our clients have shared actionable client service feedback as well as interest in additional services which SageView may be able to offer them.  One feature that has been particularly helpful from a management perspective is the ability to use Consensus to segment SageView’s results by office, which helps us to ensure that we are providing a consistent client experience across the entire country.”
Randall C. Long
Founder and Managing Principal
SageView Advisory Group

“As our partner for our participant survey, Anova Consulting Group has enabled New York Life to have a much deeper understanding of our retirement plan participants.  Anova comes to us proactively with innovative ideas that provide us with invaluable, actionable data.  In addition, between potential roll-over opportunities or sales of our IRA product, they have played a critical role in helping us identify revenue generating opportunities.  Overall, Anova exemplifies the concept of a partnership as well as just helping us build our business!”
Dave Goganian
Vice President Participant Services
New York Life

Anova’s partnership with my organization has allowed us to better understand the needs of our customers, participants, prospects and intermediaries. Anova’s research and analysis has consistently helped our senior management team make more informed strategic decisions and this has helped to enhance our products and services across all levels of the organization.  All the consultants at Anova are highly professional, knowledgeable, dedicated and responsive.  Anova is a high quality organization all around!”
Don Salama
Senior Managing Director
New York Life