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About Us

About Us

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A Time-Tested Approach to Win / Loss Analysis

Making Strategic Intelligence Actionable

Successfully growing your business requires a mindset of continuous improvement. Anova Consulting Group’s formula for helping your organization create and sustain a culture of feedback consists of six core attributes:

  • Tenure and Experience:  Anova is a pioneer and pure-play specialist in Win / Loss Analysis. Anova’s leadership team has decades of experience in conducting Win / Loss Research, and our seasoned executive interviewers are experts at capturing actionable nuggets of Voice of the Customer feedback.
  • Consultative approach:  Anova views successful Win / Loss Research as fundamentally service-driven rather than software-driven. Anova’s consulting heritage shows through in the way we staff engagement teams, the caliber of our team members, and the customized approach we take to designing our programs and sharing best practices in order to set our clients up for success and specifically address their unique situations.
  • myView Technology: To supplement our high touch approach, Anova has also developed our proprietary myView technology, which was tailor-made for Win / Loss Research. In addition to serving as Anova’s internal interview management system, myView features a client-facing portal that facilitates program management, Win / Loss interview repository, and real-time aggregate data analytics functionality.
  • Operational excellence: A critical success factor of any Win / Loss Analysis program is the ability to actually complete interviews with target respondents, and Anova’s technology, best practices, and time-tested methodology yield interview completion rates that are double the industry standard.
  • Insight Generation and Benchmarking: Another benefit of Anova’s consultative approach is that our deliverables go beyond Win / Loss interview delivery to interpretation and prioritization of the feedback. In addition to the transcripts and myView dashboard, Anova’s engagement teams synthesize program findings, compare client performance to proprietary industry benchmarks, and present findings and action items to executive stakeholders.
  • Thought Leadership: As leading practitioners of Win / Loss Research, we pride ourselves on our thought leadership as we strive to innovate and remain on the cutting edge of Win / Loss Analysis best practices. Our clients receive the benefit of our latest thinking, in addition to the blogs and white papers that we publish externally.