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Win / Loss Analysis and Customer Satisfaction Research White Papers

Anova Consulting Group is a thought leader in the world of Win / Loss Analysis and Customer Satisfaction Research. For more information and perspective on our view, please see the white papers and downloadable chapter from Richard Schroder’s book below.

  • Why Companies Should Implement a Win / Loss Analysis Program
    The purpose of a formal Win / Loss Analysis program is to gather competitive intelligence and aggregate feedback on a company’s products/services and sales process, which can be used to improve a sales team’s performance in the future. Therefore, this whitepaper is intended for anyone who is involved in managing a sales team, who is responsible for running a business that oversees a sales force, or who is part of a senior management team that is involved with and impacted by a sales organization. Product, marketing, and research managers will also find this whitepaper to be of value.
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  • How to Implement a Win / Loss Analysis Program
    This whitepaper explores how to implement a successful win/loss program guaranteed to increase a sales team’s new business win rate. It offers a practical, highly targeted, and easy to implement solution that can pay huge dividends over time for any company.
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  • Five Common Sales Issues That Impact Salespeople’s Ability to Win Deals
    This whitepaper explores the five most common sales issues that can impact a salesperson’s ability to win deals. Based on feedback from thousands of post-decision win/loss interviews, a few themes consistently surface regarding why salespeople lose in new business situations. This paper uses the aggregate results of these interviews to analyze the most prevalent reasons salespeople lose.
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  • From a Good Sales Call to a Great Sales Call
    “In 2011, McGraw-Hill Publishing introduced “From a Good Sales Call to a Great Sales Call” by Anova Consulting Group’s founder and president, Richard M. Schroder. Download a sample chapter from “From a Good Sales Call to a Great Sales Call.”
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