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Customer Satisfaction Research

Every day, your customers choose whether to continue their relationship with your company based on the quality of their experiences with you.

Anova Consulting Group’s customer satisfaction analysis is a customized program that produces unbiased and unfiltered feedback from your clients and customers. It can enable you to assess the quality of those experiences and the likelihood that your clients and customers will continue to do business with you. The program will allow you to:

  • Define strengths, weaknesses and gaps within your company’s customer service delivery protocols and your overall suite of products and services
  • Identify “at risk” accounts, determine the sources of customer dissatisfaction and collect information that will allow you to avoid a customer’s departure by making adjustments and service delivery improvements
  • Track trends in customer views by measuring annual customer satisfaction levels against internal service quality benchmarks
  • Identify product and service priorities for the future on both an individual and customer-wide basis
  • Obtain qualitative “voice of the customer” feedback that identifies areas of improvement with regard to product features and service delivery mechanisms
  • Gather quantitative and qualitative feedback on your service staff for use in coaching and performance reviews

At New York Life Retirement Plan Services, we have had the pleasure of working with the Anova Consulting Group for the last 5 years.  One key area of focus for us is client satisfaction.  The survey that they administer on our behalf has been tremendously informative in enabling us to maintain our value proposition of providing superior service.  Year after year, their analysis of our strengths and weaknesses have proven to be spot-on.  They are a most valued partner for us.

Tom Clough
Senior Managing Director
New York Life